Archive       Info a designer and researcher with a background in architecture. Her work explores the nature of reality and unreality, imagines alternatives to all-too-familiar narratives, and speculates on the unintended consequences of emerging technologies.





> Reality-Checker Kit (2016)

As simulation and reality become increasingly indistinguishable – simulation singularity is imminent – a growing percentage of the population struggles to cope with a phobia that we ourselves might be part of a simulation.

The solution, mass-produced and capitalizing on society’s fears: a reality-checker kit.

1. This includes a self-pincher, light-weight and compact, for on-the-go reality checks.
2. The second commercially available option is the Sandwich Simulator 2.0, an interactive app which prompts you to distinguish between real and simulated sandwiches. The app can either be operated
via touch screen, or – for those who prefer ‘real’ analogue technologies – with two physical buttons. Simply compare your sandwich to the screen to check if you’re real.