Archive       Info a designer and researcher with a background in architecture. Her work explores the nature of reality and unreality, imagines alternatives to all-too-familiar narratives, and speculates on the unintended consequences of emerging technologies.





> AKDM (2016-2017)

AKDM is the virtual counter-part to a former Soviet science town in the depths of the Siberian woods. An autonomous, extra-state territory is formed, inhabited and controlled by algorithms. As realities multiply and truths are manufactured and post-produced, the project speculates on a new type of urbanism emerging at the interface between physical and digital space.

1. “Masterplan of AKDM / The Extent of the Simulation”

The territorial boundaries of AKDM are defined by ideal views and camera angles for a fly-through promo video.

2. “Camouflage”

The real House of Scientists is obscured. It is engulfed in a flood of information and disinformation. The truth is increasingly indiscernible - and increasingly irrelevant.

3. “The Power of Russia Lies in Siberia” 

Any inconvenient traces of reality, like this data centre, are obscured with propaganda. Physical space is undermined.

4. “Bot (Fake Profile)” 

In February 2017, the European Parliament passed a resolution calling for the recognition of bots as ‘electronic persons’. Bots also represent 51.8% of Internet users, autonomously crawling the web as content creators, data miners, hackers, spammers, moderators, and user impersonators.

5. “The Comprehensive Guide to Manufacturing Populous Truths”  

A fool-proof guide on the use of logical fallacies, conspiracy theories and common misconceptions, also featuring useful tips for sock puppets, memes, the Overton Window, and many more.

6. (left) “The House of Scientists (Seed File)”  /  MDF, photographic paper, paint  /  22x11x11in.  

Architecture as spam. The initial seed model continually transforms itself to maximize its reach.

7. (right)  “The House of Scientists (Version 165730)” / Miscellaneous consumer goods / 22x11x11in.

The House of Scientists begins multiplying and distributing itself across the interface. It becomes a toy castle, a news report, and an icon. It infiltrates brands and is infiltrated by trolls.

8. “Silicon Valley Series” (top to bottom): “AKDM as Fake News,” “AKDM as Highway Billboard,” & “AKDM on Google Earth” 

Exploring the implications of an autonomous territory on the other side of the interface.

9. “AKDM Proposed Development Plan”